The Walters Cup Throwdown is a buddy Throwdown where two buddies do the qualifiers together.

There are 3 divisions. The results of the (online) qualifiers will determine your division.

  • 35 teams in the Intermediate Division
  • 30 teams in the RX Division
  • 25 teams in the Elite Division


Walters Cup Throwdown 2022 divisions:

  • Elite Male / Male
  • Elite Female / Female
  • Elite Male / Female
  • Intermediate Male / Male
  • Intermediate Female / Female
  • Intermediate Male / Female
  • RX Male / Male
  • RX Female / Female
  • RX Male / Female

Of each division 5 teams will compete in our live event in February 2022.

The winning team of each division gets a ticket to our training camp on the island Lanzerote March 24-31 of 2022.

Registration opens on December 1st of 2021.
Registration closes on December 25th of 2021.


All three qualifiers need to be submitted latest on January 20th of 2022.
The qualifier workouts will be announced on December 26th of 2021.


Two qualifiers need to be done with two team mates together. One qualifier will be done separately and the score will be the sum of the score of both team mates.. The other No. 1,2 and 3 teams win € 300, € 250, 200 respectively.

The finalists buddy team must consist of the same two persons as the qualifying team. If a buddy has to cancel, he or she can still be replaced as long as he or she does the qualifying workouts together with the other buddy and submits the scores by July 10th of 2019 at the latest.