Rulebook TeamUp Legends

1. Registration

The registration consists of two parts; the first part is for the qualifiers and the second part will only be possible for those who reach the finals.
These are therfore seperate tickets.
Both tickets are available on the registration page (powered by
A ticket for the qualifiers costs €45 per team.
A ticket for the finals costs €80 per team.


2. Divisions

There are 9 divisions:

  • Elite Male / Male
  • Elite Female / Female
  • Elite Male / Female
  • Intermediate Male / Male
  • Intermediate Female / Female
  • Intermediate Male / Female
  • RX Male / Male
  • RX Female / Female
  • RX Male / Female


3. Qualifiers

The 3 Qualifiers workouts will be released on January 1st of 2024.
Both buddies must do the qualifiers together, with the exception of 1 qualifier, which can be done separately
The workouts can be done in each sequence the buddy team prefers.
If one of the buddies can not do 1 or more qualifiers, another person with the same sex and age category as the buddy who quits can be a substitute buddy as long as this new buddy does all the 3 qualifiers in the new team for at and the qualifier deadline is not closed yet.
The deadline for the submission of the scores and video’s of the qualifiers is March 15th of 2024, time: 23’59 CET.


4. Score submission

The scores must be submitted on Competition Corner.
After registration for the qualifiers the team will receive an email with the login details.
With these login details a team can submit their scores including the video’s.
If there are submition problems, the team can reply to their mail of Competition Corner for help.


5. Finals

The finals will take place on April 14th of 2024 for all divisions.

Tickets for the finals costs €80 per team.
All finalists teams must consist of the same two buddies who did the qualifiers together.
Team members must show their ID theirselves on the day of the finals.

All team members attend the finals at their own risk. This means that the organization is not responsible for any accidents that might happen to an athlete.