WCTD Q19.1

For time:
One partner is planking with hands right under shoulders and the arms kept straight, while the butt is on shoulder height.

Other buddy starts with:

3000m Row

50 Front Squats 
RX 60/45kg
Intermediate 50/35kg 
Scaled 40/20

100 Box Jumps 24`/20`

RX and Intermediate: box jumps
Scaled: must do box step ups ( allowed to step down or jump down)

When the buddy drops out planking, partner has to switch!

When the clocks starts counting:

1 Buddy sits on the rower with feet strapped on the rower and hands NOT on the handles while 1 Buddy is in planking position.


WCTD Q19.1

WCTD Q19.2

AMRAP 9 minutes

9 synchronized alternating dumbell snatches

RX 30/20kg

Intermediate 22,5/17,5kg

Scaled 17,5/12,5kg

9 synchronized chest to bar pullups

RX chest to bar pullups

Intermediate pullups

Scaled jumping pullups

(For jumping pullups the bar should be set up so it is at least 6 inches above the top of the athlete’s head when the athlete is standing tall.)

Go to our website for the Movement Standards.


WCTD Q19.3A and B (submit the scores separately)

AMRAP 15 minutes

Minute 0:00-08:00

12 synchronized deadlifts

RX 120/95kg

Int. 95/70kg


12 alternating with buddy wallball shots

same gender RX 9/6kg mixed RX 9kg male target

same gender Int 9/6kg mixed Int 9kg female target

same gender Sc 9/6kg mixed Sc 6kg female target (only 55+ use 4 kg)

The same gender athletes use their normal target height, which is male 3.05/female 2.75 m)

Your score is the reps you’ve completed when the 8 minutes are done.

This is the score for WCTD Q19.3A

Rest 1 minute


1 rep max complex:

1 Deadlift

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Squat Clean

Go alternating with your buddy.

Both buddies are allowed to use their own barbell.

The two highest scores count!

For example : 180.5 (80.5 kg for buddy 1 and 100 kg for buddy 2)

This is the score for WCTD Q19.3B